Mobile Aluminum Stairway

Sorry for the delay folks! We have been slacking on updating on our blog with some of the latest custom fabricated products we design here at PW. The following item was designed for a customer of ours just recently.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • 100″ high
  • 30″ wide x 21″ long top platform
  • 42″ high handrails with mid-rail (California OSHA Specifications)
  • Mobile locking casters
  • Ships knocked-down for freight savings
  • 57 degree incline

Aluminum Crossover Bridge

We recently built this custom designed Heavy Duty Aluminum Crossover Bridge for our customer. It was designed with the following specifications:
  • 10″ c-channel construction; 1,000 lb capacity; all-welded
  • serrated treads
  • 75 degree incline stairway one side, straight stairway other side
  • 1 1/2″ sqaure tubing handrails, 42″ high with 21″ midrail with 4″ toeboards
    • Meets California OSHA specifications
  • Lifting eyes
  • 12″ adjustable legs on both stairways

Custom Aluminum Stairways

These custom aluminum stairways were designed to withstand our customer’s harsh environment. The goal was a stairway unit that can withstand snow, mud, and water while providing total safety in all conditions.

Custom Trailer Docking Platform

We recently designed and built an innovative solution for our customer. They wanted all-inclusive access to the sides of their work trailer. The platform needed to meet the floor height of the trailer and also support a higher level access to reach their equipment. The goal was to provide a safe, dependable, and efficient platform to allow their crew to work more seamlessly. The platform was made from aluminum and serrated decking to handle the harsh outside environment. The customer requested it to have a modular design for easy removal and assembly. The legs are adjustable for varying trailer heights. Although it is lightweight, the platform has a 1,000 lb capacity.

Custom Large Mobile Aluminum Platforms

These Aluminum Mobile Platforms were custom designed for one of our customers. These accomplished many tasks for our customer and provided all-inclusive access for their employees.
Here are the following specifications on these sleek rolling beauties:
  • 48″ high,  36″ wide,  46 feet long
  • 42″ high handrail with midrail ~ meets OSHA and California OSHA codes
  • 1,500 lb load capacity
  • Aluminum bar grating for flooring
  • 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels–for superior mobility on tough terrain
  •  Swinging locking gates at top of platform for fall prevention
  • 4″ toeboards to keep feet from slipping off and prevent debris falling below

Our new location!

PW Platforms has made the executive decision to move to our new location. We did this for many reasons in light of our growing business. The production facility is newer and gives us the capability we are looking for. Remember to make note of our new ladder and platform manufacturing location at: P.W. Platforms, Inc. 4010 Broad Street Houston, Tx  77087

PW Platforms new location